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Dear Ghadah } Much luck & love, Fiona xx

fiona's letter to me front

fiona's letter to me back

fiona's letter to me envelope 02


Dear Ghadah } Best Wishes G. Fiona

Love. It.

Yes! Especially on book covers, sketch or otherwise.

The first letter to my new mailbox. A happy sight this morning. Thank you, Fiona.

Dear Ghadah } *heart* Nadine

This is the second letter i receive from Nadine. And both times I’ve been hesitant to open the intricately sealed envelope.


I love stamps. Congratulations, Nadine.

I DON”T like glitter though :)! Thank you! But seriously, a wonderfully playful way to start my day. Letters are a true privilege.

*I just realized the name change. I was a bit confused at the post office! I’ll fix that later.

Lovely Photo From Reem

This made me smile :).

This photo was posted by Reem Algharabali on The Raw Epistilarians Facebook page this morning. It was captioned, ‘Go letter go! Get to Kuwait before I do!’ ¬†Well, which/whoever arrives first, either way for me, it’s good. Now I hope I find my postbox key before either gets here!

Dear Ghadah|Art on, Old Friend. Yahia

Dear Miti|Always, Ghadah

Miti Aiello is my blogsister.

Dear Ghadah|x o Katy

It has been agreed that letters will be posted only upon receiving them. Because of the infancy of this blog, Katy and I decided that it be best to post these letters immediately, to serve as an example for future Raw Epistilarians like us.