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A Letter from Lubna

Lucky Courtney!

Lucky Courtney!

What better way to rekindle Raw Epistle than a post by someone whose passion for the written letter equals mine! My dear friend Lubna Saif Abbas, a stationary aficionado, bead pro and newly inducted Raw Epistilarian, sent me these photos today. I can’t wait to receive my letter, Lubna! For more on Lubna, please click here: LB o J’zazz. (more…)


Dear Tim } Thanks for the film, Tim

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed but it’s been a while since I last wrote. And a while since I’ve received. But I just renewed my post office box for three more years and I plan to get full mileage from it. I need to improve my quality of life in this country, and this is one of the ways I do it.

I think it’s a little ironic that I would start by writing a letter to Tim Pieraccini, who made the film I ‘drew’ and wrote the letter to. At a point in my life where I’m questioning my own purpose and self, and consequently my role as an artist, I finally sit down to watch this movie about a woman who has come to a similar crossroads. For more about the film and Tim, please click here: All Heart. (more…)

Dear Ghadah } Much luck & love, Fiona xx

fiona's letter to me front

fiona's letter to me back

fiona's letter to me envelope 02

Dear Ghadah } All the Best, T x.

tim letter cards

tim letter 5 back

tim envelope 5To view Tim Pieraccini’s short films, click here.


Dearest Laura } Love, Ghadah

letter to laura 3Check out Laura Boushnak’s website here, and her blog here.

A Letter From Laura Boushnak

laura letter 2 folded

laura letter 2 unfolded

Dear Nadine } In a Strange City, Ghadah

letter to nadine 4

letter to nadine 4 back

letter to nadine 4 envelope