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Dear Vanessa and Serhan | Hopeful, Ghadah


Dear Ghadah, Hey Ghadah | Vanessa, Serhan

I have to say that this is one of my favorite stamps! Sabah: the Queen of Kitsch.

As soon as I saw this I thought of him as my guy in the tarboosh. Except he's not wearing a tarboosh.

Vanessa and Serhan's letter to me. It's funny, before checking the color key at the end (funny!), I knew just by looking at the handwriting which was Vanessa and which was Serhan.

dammahoM reaD|Dear Vanessa|Ghadah|hadahG


Hello, Vanessa and Mohammad! Vanessa I wrote you and Mohammad a joint letter because I think it’s what you had wanted. Mohammad, I’m sorry I wrote yours in reverse. It just felt more right for the layout! If you’re impatient to read it in a mirror, I have flipped it for you. Just cross the bridge to see the reverse version. (more…)