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Dear Reem | Fingers Crossed, Ghadah


Dearest Ghadah | Love to You and the Raw Epistilarian Community

In the summer I’m hot, I have substantial hips and holy moly I’m holy!

Lovely Photo From Reem

This made me smile :).

This photo was posted by Reem Algharabali on The Raw Epistilarians Facebook page this morning. It was captioned, ‘Go letter go! Get to Kuwait before I do!’  Well, which/whoever arrives first, either way for me, it’s good. Now I hope I find my postbox key before either gets here!

Reem’s Green Mailbox

Reem Algharabali in Sydney sent me this picture this morning. In her caption she wrote, ‘I was very excited to find a lovely red envelope all the way from Kuwait in our broken green mailbox that sits on the recycling bin. This letter just took one month to arrive 🙂 What shall I write to Ghadah about now? And what stationary this time ;)’.

Thank you, Reem. This picture made me smile.

Dearest Reem | So When Will I See You Again? Ghadah

Dear Ghadah | Lots of Love, Reem


Dearest Reem|Love, Ghadah