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Miti Aiello’s Box

Carissima Ghadah|Always, Love, Miti


I got not one, but two this morning!

I haven't opened them yet. I love savoring this moment.

I don’t know what it is-maybe instinct, most likely probability-but I had a strong feeling I wouldn’t leave the post office disappointed this morning. The rush I got when I opened the little box door was palpable and I swear I almost cried. One thing I couldn’t stop doing was stifling my grin on the way back to my car. I’m very happy.

One of the letters is from Miti Aiello. The other one, in a red Hallmark envelope (very Christmas-like) is not return-addressed but I’m thinking it’s from Tim Pieraccini (mailed from England). But then again, Miti lives in San Diego, her envelope return address is Italy and the letter was mailed from Paris!

Anyway, I’m off now to read my letters. I’ve read them online already but this is different. They’re here now, with me.


Mailbox # 1


Hooray! Miti has received her letter from me! And she sent me a letter from this cute mailbox in Paris’ Latin Quarter. I almost caved this morning and checked my mailbox (which would have been a half hour drive there and back, and only worth it if I knew for sure there was a legitimate letter waiting for me). The reason I say that is that my actual mailbox was transfered from a friend to me so I ended up collecting his junk mail for him the last time I visited. At least it wasn’t empty that time.

Carissima Ghadah|Always, Love, Miti

Dear Miti|Lots of love, Ghadah

Because I had a dream.


Dear Miti|Always, Ghadah

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