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Michelle Delgado’s Box

Dear Michelle|Wish Me Luck, Ghadah

I’ve never met Michelle Delgado. So to receive an email from her expressing her desire for letter-writing was wonderful thing to wake up to yesterday morning. In her e-mail she writes:

Wow, what a beautiful project!  And it is a really timely one for me, too.  About a month ago, I read that the US Postal Service is considering laying off about 12K letter carriers, and also planning to close many of their beautiful old branch locations.  This really depressed me.  It is corny and cliche but I decided to be the change I wished to see–I began writing letters.  Over the last few weeks I have sent two dozen letters and postcards.  Reasons:

  • Everyone loves getting mail
  • Letters are real things that you can carry around and save
  • Handwriting is beautiful in all its variation
  • Letter writing encourages thoughtfulness
  • Unlike net communication, the mail is private.  At least in the US, you can’t just read someone else’s mail
  • It’s relaxing and enjoyable to write nice, chatty letters.