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Maysaa Almumin’s Box

That Very Long Letter From Maysaa } Dear Ghadah | L.O.V.E., Maysaa

Since parts of this very, long letter are personal, I’ve only shared excerpts from it. I was, however,  a little disappointed it wasn’t front and back.


Maysaa Receives a Letter

Maysaa's perfectly pedicured pedis and a letter from me.

“I Wrote You a Long Letter.” -Maysaa Al-Mumin

Dear Maysaa | Over and Out, Ghadah

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Dear Maysaa | I Hope All’s Well on Your End and Mine, Ghadah

Maysaa’s Letters Arrive!

Hooray! These have arrived at their destination in Doha, Qatar. Took just about two months.

Dear Maysaa|Give My Love to Tom and the Girls, Ghadah