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Ghadah Alkandari’s Box

Dear Ghadah } Love, Adam

I don’t use this address anymore. Please check the blog header for my new address.


Dear Dear Ghadah! | Much Love From Your New Pen Pal, Bec

This is so unexpected. A letter in Arabic by an Australian. And written better than I can ever write in Arabic; that’s both humbling and a little shaming :)! Thank you, Rebecca. You have put a smile on my face this December morning. ¬†And I’ll be searching for that kiss to frog!

Dear Ghadah | Nadine

I have met many people virtually through Facebook; and on Raw Epistle I've had e-mails from strangers who have expressed interest in writing to me before they actually have. But this is the first letter I receive from someone who had not previously written to me electronically. The feeling is indescribable.

What an unexpected sort of pleasure to receive a letter from a total stranger who strangely feels like an old friend.

Dear Ghadah | Lots of Love, Reem


Hello Ghadah | Yours Illegibly (at least that’s what i think it says), T

Here are Kate and Cary|Best Wishes From a Delightful Cairo, Peter

I thought Peter's postcard had been caught in a flood, but turns out it's perfumed. Makes me smile.


Ghadah|Yours, Lina MaHusain

I was right! The letter from Doha was Lina MaHusain’s. I received it last Thursday but have been busy with Eid and the kiddies being at home. I will write back as soon as I can. I promise.