the difference between write and wrong

Dear Ghadah } *heart* Nadine

This is the second letter i receive from Nadine. And both times I’ve been hesitant to open the intricately sealed envelope.


I love stamps. Congratulations, Nadine.

I DON”T like glitter though :)! Thank you! But seriously, a wonderfully playful way to start my day. Letters are a true privilege.

*I just realized the name change. I was a bit confused at the post office! I’ll fix that later.


One response

  1. neueheimat

    wow! so that one was fast. the letter I wrote you in february seems to be lost… but this one was fast.

    anyway, glitter is awesome. it gets everywhere and once you make the mistake toughing it you’ll find it on your face and on your fruits and in your fridge even weeks after. this is my personal attempt not to be forgotten since mail gets lost.


    June 19, 2012 at 8:42 pm

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